Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I arranged this shot in the winter last year, desperate for some color. And I think it pretty much says exactly what I was thinking at the time ...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Tale of the Butter Knife - Labor Day Weekend: Day 1

My day was filled with blue skies, lazy billowing curtains, warm delectable pastries, and .... a pictorial journey of my trusty little butter knife. Hurricane Earl couldn't have been more ideal for this transplanted Hoosier. The breeze that swept in smelled like a Michigan summer shore with a sky so perfectly blue and just enough cloud to keep the harshness of the sun down to a mild contrast. One can't help but think poetic thoughts on a day like today. It wasn't quite fall, but it certainly wasn't summer. It wasn't really a day to be in an apple orchard ... it was a day to be in a vineyard. A day to be in a vineyard with a camera, a good book, and a sheer white dress sweeping the edges of the grass.
I had an outing early in the morning that ended with me at home before lunch and inside for the rest of the day. Before the scoldings come my way, rest assured that my windows were all open, and my amazing wall of glass was all but knocked out. I could stand and lean on the pains and still feel the wind dance through my hair and rustle the curls. It. Was. Bliss. ~

I did manage to get quite a few things accomplished by way of the TV and KitchenAid. Nothing but silver screen was permitted though the tubes. And my baking? It all had to be ooey and gooey and comforting. But first - breakfast! I neglected it for hours this morning, but when it was all set up, a Safeway bagel was on the menu.

After such a delightful meal, I set to the task of filling my new butter dish (thank you Edie!).

Then, of course, I couldn't get cinnamon and raisins out of my head all morning, so by early afternoon, this emerged from the oven. (Chocolate chip cookies came later, but perhaps they didn't last long enough for a photo!)

To all, a very happy holiday and a GLORIOUS sleepy Monday!