Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Insert Title Here:

It's true. I struggle with this blog thing. I've always wanted to be one of those creative, snappy writers that smack you in the face with wit, but my thoughts usually don't get to the coherent stage without time.

When I was in school with a paper assignment, it was murder. Like my artwork, I need the mood to come over me. This meant that (during HS) Mom had to rather beat me over the head. And in college? Well. My roomies had to endure my random rush out of the middle of my shower while begging for complete silence as I plunked myself down, dripping to a puddle, to whip out that vital exegesis opening paragraph.

Being the sentimental sort, the tradition remains here. I have about 8 posts in draft that have 2 paragraphs each, most of them ending in the middle of a sentence.

Really. I have thoughts. They just like to stay as ... thoughts.

What to expect from upcoming posts? Commuter Life - By A Commuter

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

larytta - souvenir de chine - video directed by körner union

It's a little cruel and a lot strange, but it's pleasing. Ducks and chickens tend to be territorial, you know, and mirrors are the meanest of tricks for birds. You'll notice the bobbing and parading of the drake and the rooster with the threat they interpret in their own reflections (too bad that's instinct - it's almost deep).

(Please note the bunny appearance during the fade-out.)