Wednesday, October 6, 2010

larytta - souvenir de chine - video directed by körner union

It's a little cruel and a lot strange, but it's pleasing. Ducks and chickens tend to be territorial, you know, and mirrors are the meanest of tricks for birds. You'll notice the bobbing and parading of the drake and the rooster with the threat they interpret in their own reflections (too bad that's instinct - it's almost deep).

(Please note the bunny appearance during the fade-out.)


  1. I would never call you cruel, and the term "strange" seems so harsh. I prefer "eccentric" which is far more classy and mysterious. My point is, how do you find these things? It isn't that I am comparing you to this video, but you did pick it out and give it those terms, did you not?

  2. My mind has remained stagnant or I would have replied days ago. As it is, my fingers are stagnant so I can offer you nothing that might reveal my character :)